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vendredi 9 novembre 2012

Tunisia - State Budget 2013, constraints and short-term solutions

The Committee on Economic forum Nou-R, is organizing a conference debate on "State Budget 2013, constraints and solutions in the short term".
Each year, the state budget is announced by the government, he encompasses spending plans, tax and loans for the next year.
Before finalizing the budget, a national consultation was launched to reflect the expectations of employers, unions, regional development commissions as well as experts.
It is then submitted to parliament for discussion and approval. Only reservations and remarks MPs are not taken into account.
Tunisia today, after the revolution, through a transitional period tells us absolutely meet the expectations of citizens and respond to revocation of the revolution. The state budget should include, as follows:
- Additional costs to reduce social demands
- Additional investments for regional development
- Tax reforms to encourage investment and the establishment of an equitable economy between different operators.

The main objective "the welfare of the citizens," the rate of growth or performance internationally must be relegated to the background.
Forum NOU-R offers through this event to launch the debate on how efficient and effective to fully develop the state budget.

Presentation of the development process of the state budget
Mr Souheil NABLI, forum NOU-R
The vision and expectations of citizens as targets in the development of the state budget
Mr Jamelddine GHARBI
Implementation of the 2012 budget and an outline of the 2013 budget and guidance
Mr Taoufik RAJHI
Role of elected representatives of the ANC in the budget process, barriers and solutions for the future
Ms. Lobna Jeribi, Rapportteur fincances of the Committee of the ANC
The GBO (management by objective)
Mr Abderrahmen KOCHTALI - DG, Head of Unit, Ministry of Finance GBO
Debate with the speakers with the participation of:
UTICA "Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts" / UGTT "Tunisian General Labour Union" / Order Tunisian expert accounting / Political Parties / Independent Economists / Public

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